Hobbynox kompressori maaliruiskulle, 3,5l tankilla


This is an air compressor with dual cylinder piston type compressor motors that fits most airbrushes and smaller hobby level paint-guns with up to 1 mm nozzles and that don't consume more then 35-40L of air per minute. Features: ◾Can be used for most custom airbrush paint work, model building and other hobbies etc. Also possible to use with smaller paint-guns as it flows more air. ◾Can also be used for airtools (max 6 BAR) ◾Oil-free dual piston type compressor. This allows the compressor to be quiet without atomizing oil into the air stream, wich makes the compressor virtually maintainance free. ◾Air tank for smooth air flow and zero air pulsing ◾Air regulator with pressure gauge, moisture trap filter and adjustable air pressure ◾Dual auto-start and auto-stop functions ◾Steel cover ◾Dual airbrush holders ◾Thermal overload switch ◾Low noise level: 47dB ◾Air tank safety release valve Specifications: ◾High capacity dual cylinder piston type compressor with air tank ◾Power: 1/4 HP ◾Noise level: 47dB ◾Max Air Flow: 35-40 litre/minute ◾Air Pressure Adjustable Range: 0-6 BAR ◾Air tank: 3.5 litre ◾Dual Air Pressure Modes: One for airbrushing and one for airtools etc ◾Suitable airbrush nozzles: all sizes ◾Air Outlet Thread: 1/8" BSP male ◾Size: L350 x W140 x H360 mm ◾Weight: 10.7 kg

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  • Malli: HNAS196AW
  • Valmistaja: Hobbynox