Blue Arrow Q RTF


Ready-To-Fly multi-copter with numerous GPS functions for perfect aerial photographs.

The robbe Blue Arrow Q RTF is a Ready-To-Fly multi-copter with advanced GPS stabilisation. The high-quality stabilisation system ensures a stable hover and a very high level of inherent stability. This means that the Blue Arrow Q is an excellent choice for aerial photography and also for inexperienced pilots. The optional camera mount, S2541017, can be used as a simple means of installing a GoPro® camera.
GPS stabilisation
The advanced GPS stabilisation system provides effective support to the pilot when flying the Blue Arrow Q. GPS positioning automatically maintains the Blue Arrow Q in a stable hover, without requiring corrections from the pilot, enabling him to take high-quality aerial pictures. The integral altitude sensor also monitors the Blue Arrow Q's relative height, and automatically stabilises it.

Landing the Blue-Arrow Q could not be easier. Simply pressing a button on the transmitter activates the Auto-Land function, causing the Blue Arrow Q to return automatically to the stored GPS co-ordinates of its starting point, where it lands automatically, without requiring a single control command from the transmitter. The Auto-Land function also operates as a Fail-Safe function. If the transmitter signal is lost, or if the voltage of the flight battery falls below a minimum value, the Blue Arrow Q automatically returns to its stored starting point.

Intelligent flight mode
The "intelligent flight mode" can be switched on to support any pilot who lacks prior flying experience. In normal flight the control commands for right / left and forward / back always refer to the Blue Arrow Q's orientation; this can be imagined as the view of the "pilot in the model". For inexperienced pilots this can be difficult to assimilate, especially when the model is flying towards him. In contrast, the control commands right / left and forward / back in "intelligent flight mode" refer to the position of the transmitter. This means that 'right' is always 'right' as seen from the transmitter, and 'forward' is always away from the transmitter, regardless of the Blue Arrow Q's current heading. This makes it possible even for inexperienced pilots to fly and position the Blue Arrow Q virtually from the outset.

The high-quality set is supplied complete with robbe XS-7 2.4 GHz computer transmitter with LCD screen (pre-set to Mode 2, can be set to Modes 1-4), 3S LiPo flight battery, 11.1 V / 2200 mAh and charger, with 230 V plug-type mains PSU

  • Factory-assembled Blue Arrow Q multi-copter, almost ready to fly
  • LiPo battery, 11.1 V / 2200 mAh
  • Battery charger with 230 V plug-type mains PSU
  • XS-7 LCD 2.4 GHz four-channel computer transmitter (set to Mode 2, can be set to Modes 1 to 4)
  • Small items and accessories
  • Quick-start operating and flying instructions
    (comprehensive instructions can be downloaded from

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    • Model: 1-S2541
    • Manufactured by: Robbe