ZDZ 40


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The ZDZ range of model engines has been developed specifically for model aircraft use by a team of engine specialists. Despite their enormous capacities these rear rotary valve (rear carburettor) engines are extremely light in weight. They are very robust, and are designed and built to outstandingly high standards of engineering. Both engines feature multiple ballraces. With their electronic ignition and integral ignition timing, these engines boast very simple handling characteristics, and require no great force to start. Propeller kick-back is virtually unknown with this system! The low weight, high power output and great reliability of these engines has made them extremely popular for competition work (F3A-X, aero-tow). The engines are operated on petrol (1:50 2-stroke mix), while a four-cell battery (min. 800 mAh) is necessary for ignition. The set includes the ignition system, propeller fixings, exhaust gasket, carburettor actuating arm and sparkplug spanner.
Capacity 40 cm³
Power approx. 3,53 kW (4,8 PS)
Bore 38 mm
Stroke 35 mm
Transfer ports 3
Speed range 1200 ~ 7800
Electronic ignition 4,8 V
Weight 1300 g

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  • Model: G1908
  • Manufactured by: ZDZ Modelmotor