TP M01-XM .21 Marine Outboard Power-Head Engine

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This TecnoPower M01-21XM engine is an almost "BOLT-ON" version for the OSMAX-21XM outboard drive using the same outboard drive and also the OS carburetor this to make the switch as easy as possible. On this model we deliberately did not included our own carburetor, this to make the engine as universal as possible and also nowadays there are other rotating carburetors with a 15 mm neck which also can be used on our engine.

TecnoPower M01-XM Engine Specs:
Bore: 16.27 mm
Stroke: 16.80 mm
Intake Ports: 5
Exhaust Ports: 1
Glowplug: Conical (C6)
Cooling-Head: Marine
Crankshaft: 14 mm CWR (35/245 deg)
Carburetor: Not included
RPM range: 5.000 - 38.000

Lisää koriin:

  • Malli: TP0100121XM
  • Valmistaja: TecnoPower Motor.