Great Planes Quick-V6 Sport Racer .40-.52 ARF


Jim Allen's AMA Nationals winner!

Featuring a Nats-winning design by Jim Allen, the Quik-V6 Q500 is destined to dominate Quickie 500 events with its pure performance and competitive spirit. It's also a great choice for sport pilots who have the "need for speed." Either way, experienced pilots can count on the Quik-V6 Q500 to build and fly FAST!


  • Prebuilt and factory-covered wings, fuselage and V-tail
  • Balsa sheeted foam core wing with carbon fiber/fiberglass reinforcement
  • Internal V-tail linkages
  • Low-drag wheels
  • Aluminum "back plate" engine mount
  • All-white finish allows for custom racer-preferred trim schemes
  • Complete hardware package included

"This sixth version of the Quik-V series incorporates everything I've learned through 30+ years of designing pylon airplanes. It takes advantage of modern tools like CAD, laser cutting and computer airfoil analysis programs. The end result is a plane that came out winning races right off the board, including the 2014 AMA NATS. And now, this winner is available as an ARF to get you in the air and racing FAST!"
— Jim Allen, Team Futaba Pilot

Internal V-tail linkages reduce drag and increase speed.

A balsa sheeted foam core wing with carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforcement combine with traditional wood fuselage and tail surfaces to provide race-proven strength and light weight.

The included aluminum back plate accepts virtually any .40-.55 engine, for clean, easy installations.

The Quik-V6 Q500 is equipped with ultra-durable, low-drag wheels.

The Quik-V6 Q500's all-white finish makes it easy to create a custom trim scheme to suit your preferences.


  • Wingspan: 1320 mm
  • Wing Area: 32.4 dm²
  • Wing Loading: 50-52.5 g/dm²
  • Weight: 1630-1700 g
  • Length: 1030 mm
  • Requires: 4+ channel radio system with V-tail mixing, 4 mini servos and 2-stroke .40-.55 engine

WARNING: The Quik-V6 Q500 requires advanced flying skills and is not suitable for beginning or intermediate pilots. It reaches speeds well over 100 mph (160 km/h) when equipped with the recommended racing power system, and should only be flown at an approved AMA flying site. Because it can quickly disappear from sight, pilots should remain focused on the plane at all times.


    • Malli: GPMA1250
    • Valmistaja: Great Planes