Arcus M EP 2220mm Rx-R


ST Model Arcus M - Brushless EP Glider Rx-R 2.2M

Self-launching thermal sailor
Designed with the best aspects of a plane and a standard glider, the Arcus M includes a pop-up retractable motor pod. The motor pod allows it to power up high, searching for thermals and then retract the motor module to improve aerodynamics for extended unpowered soaring.

  • CAD-designed molded EPO foam
  • Carbon-fiber reinforcement
  • Retractable power system
  • Brushless motor
  • 20A brushless ESC
  • Air brakes
  • Retractable main gear with doors

CAD-designed EPO foam construction

Retractable pop-up motor pod

Retractable main gear with doors

Fully operational air brakes

High aspect ratio wing


  • Construction: CAD-designed molded EPO foam with carbon fiber reinforcement
  • Power System: Pop-up retractable motor pod with LD2627-1500 brushless motor
  • Landing Gear: Retractable main gear with doors
  • Propeller: 7x5


  • RxR Arcus M Glider with Brushless Motor, Propeller and Instructions


  • Radio: 4-8 channel w/receiver, at least 7-channel recommended
  • Battery: 3S 1300mAh LiPo with a T-connector
  • ESC connector to match your LiPo battery
  • Charger: To match selected battery
  • Charging bag and field equipment


  • Wingspan: 2220 mm
  • Length: 1005 mm
  • Flying Weight: 930-1025g
  • Wing Area: 28.6 sq/dm
  • Wing Loading: 132.5-35.8 g/sq dm
  • Center of Gravity (CG): 45 mm when RMS is completely folded / 40mm when RMS is completely unfolded behind the leading edge of the wing root

Control Throws:

  • Aileron: 15°
  • Rudder: 20°
  • Elevator: 15°

  • Lisää koriin:

    • Malli: SNNA1066

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