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Parrot Mambo Drone Review

The Parrot Mambo Drone is a drone made with the primary aim of helping the user or customer have fun, if one is thinking of a gift or present to give to a loved one, this is a great idea. In fact according to DronesForSaleReview, the Parrot Mambo has been rated as being one of the best drones under 300 dollars.

Parrot Mambo

The drone is small and nimble and has lots of interesting attachments like a grabber and even a cannon. Due to its small size however, the amount weight it can lift is limited to small objects. Otherwise, its fun all the way.

With its design and specifications it can be used as a stepping stone or practice for flying enthusiasts and beginners who may decide to use more complex drones in the future or build a career in drone piloting.

For accuracy and clarity, the review on the drone will be directed in the following sections;


The Parrot Mambo drone has a flight time of between 6 to 8 minutes and a charging time of 30 minutes to an hour. It has a 0.3 megapixel camera attached to its body, and a signal range of 20m with bluetooth to 60m with the remote control. It comes at a price of £79.95, overwhelming right?

The Parrot Mambo drone is very small and weighs very little at 2.2 ounces. Having rhe popular quadrocopter design, it has shock proof attachments and can fly for up to 6 minutes, with a battery charge time of 30 minutes to 1 hour, it is advisable to buy a spare to limit the waiting time before the next flight.

It comes with many attachments and a Lego like set on top of it in case the user wishes to add other attachments, or maybe test the weight lifting power of the drone.

Flight Performance

Piloting the Parrot Mambo drone is a smooth affair on a calm day having little or no wind with its altitude hold feature, and its light weight that will allow one to perform complex aerial manoeuvres.


The Parrot Mambo drone comes with a lot of attachments that guarantee a fun flight experience for the user, with its camera and high level of aerial flexibility, it is a wonderful choice for its price range.


The drone however comes with the issue of being highly susceptible to wind and harsh outdoor weather. Its light weight make it difficult o pilot in the elements and can lead to the drone crashing if the user is not careful. It also has the fault of low battery time and long recharge time. The shortage of battery time issue may however be resolved by purchasing an extra battery for the drone.

The Parrot Mambo drone carries the touch of the company’s creativity and top notch approach to manufacturing; and this is something you would want to have in your possession. A great drone at a very affordable price; and you should just go thinking that the low budget price tag means it is no good, this drone will be a good buy for you.

Updated: January 13, 2019 — 10:31 pm

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