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Holy Stone HS100 Drone Review

It is one of the Holy Stone’s mid-range drones and based on the search results of the keywords Holy Stone HS100 it is pretty popular too. Dive into this review to find out about what makes this machine popular and why. Obviously, the review is going to talk about some features and the functionality of the aforementioned drone. Many of the reviews on the internet says the features on this machine are awesome and so are the controls. To find out about let’s dive into the review:

Holy Stone HS100

The Functionality and the Design:

The components of the drone are made of plastic with a black coating on top of it. This makes the drone a lightweight machine when compared to others of similar design and sizes. Even many of the reviews of this very drone sing praises of its very design and well-made components. The rig itself is pretty maneuverable and very easy to control and is complemented by its design for being compact even when its a mid-range model. Flight time is around 12 to 15 minutes.

The Features:

The features on this machine are something to look out for. The remote controller has a placeholder for the user’s smartphone that acts as a navigator of sorts for the user.  There are some LED indicators for battery usage to compliment the 2500ah battery. Through the remote, its speed can be adjusted and so can be the altitude for cruise control. This drone and its remote also has the added feature of the follow me control and the return home function. Through the follow me control it basically follows the user. The return home function returns the drone to the starting point. Other then these features there is also wifi powered video camera of 1080p HD quality and it also has GPS tracking.

The Price:

The price is a little hefty for the average Joe but for the features relating to the GPS tracking makes this price completely justifiable. One can buy it with some savings and this price is not at all worse than the others in the same mid-range category of drones.

What are others saying about it:

Many of the review relating to this machine are positive because of the added features but sometimes the hefty price is a deal breaker for some. Generally, it is considered as a viable option in terms of its performance and stability.

Updated: January 13, 2019 — 10:32 pm

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